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Bandar Reda (Secretary General & CEO of Arab British Chamber of Commerce)

Bandar Reda

Secretary General & CEO of Arab British Chamber of Commerce

Mr Bandar Ali Reda joined the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, on 1st March 2019, as Secretary General and CEO, becoming the fourth person to lead the Chamber since its foundation almost five decades ago.
As CEO, Mr Reda contributes his expertise by drawing on his wealth of experience as a diplomat and extensive time spent in the private sector to ensure the Chamber moves to the next level.
Mr Reda has a distinguished professional career of more than a decade in banking and corporate industry at SABB HSBC Saudi Arabia, prior to senior positions in the diplomatic service of his country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he served as Commercial Attaché in the UK & Europe, based in London, and in Italy and as part of the Saudi delegation to the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in Paris.
Mr Reda holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Orlando, USA. He has been an Executive Member of the Saudi-Italian Business Council, the Council of Saudi Chambers; a Member of the Business Youth Committee, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce; a Member of the Saudi Economy Association; and a Member of the Saudi Arabian legal accountants.
Mr Reda has demonstrated his experience and abilities in his roles in both public and private sectors.
Since taking up his post, Mr Reda has successfully steered the Chamber throughout the difficult months of the pandemic and lockdown, a period which presented unprecedented challenges for international trade and the business community. Under Mr Bandar Reda’s guidance and leadership, the Chamber not only continued all its activities uninterrupted but extended its services during this period and has reinforced its reputation as the leading strategic business services organisation in the UK dedicated to strengthening Arab-British trade and building closer business co-operation.

Abdeslam El-Idrissi (Deputy CEO & Secretary General of Arab British Chamber of Commerce)

Abdeslam El-Idrissi

Deputy CEO & Secretary General of Arab British Chamber of Commerce

Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi is proud to have served the best part of over 36 years with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, serving both as Director of Trade Services, Acting General Manager and now his present position as Deputy CEO and Secretary General. During this time, he has cultivated strong relationships with British Chambers, Government bodies, educational institutions, NGOs across both the Arab world and the UK regions, as well as the UK-Arab business communities as a whole.
To this end, Mr El-Idrissi is in much demand across the regions as a keynote speaker and as one of the UK’s leading experts on UK-Arab trade relations.
He is also a key member of the Institute of Export where in the past he has held the position of Vice Chair of the Institute of Export, London Branch for a period of 7 years.

Sarfaraz Alam (CEO of HashMove Inc)

Sarfaraz Alam

CEO of HashMove Inc

Sarfaraz, immersed in the IT Industry since 1998. He has steered teams of seasoned technologists and engineers in his enterprises, successfully delivering monumental projects for various Government entities in the Middle East. From expansive Data Centres to facilitating government eServices initiatives, his leadership consistently ensures the triumphant and timely completion of such significant endeavors.

In 2018, Sarfaraz, alongside his Co-Founder in Silicon Valley, conceptualized the ambitious vision of globally connecting logistics, giving rise to HashMove. HashMove aspires to interconnect every facet of the logistics industry. HashMove embarked on a transformative journey within the logistics sector, unveiling its intelligent, multimodal, end-to-end digital platform, fostering seamless connections and transactions between shippers and logistics providers.

Fueling the smart logistics marketplace, HashMove's innovative and robust digital platform provides digital gateways for logistics providers and their networks, offering comprehensive closed-loop and cold chain logistics solutions. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role as a catalyst, forging global connections within the logistics realm.

Currently, he's the Group CEO and Co-Founder of HashMove where he is leading the management team based in San Francisco, London, Riyadh, Dubai, and Karachi.

Mary Biddlecombe (Executive Director, External Relations of TASIS The American School in England)

Mary Biddlecombe

Executive Director, External Relations of TASIS The American School in England

Mary Biddlecombe is the Executive Director of Development and External Relations at TASIS The American School England where she has worked for 8 years with overall responsibility for Enrolment Management, Development, and External Relations.

Mary is also an experienced HR leader and psychotherapeutic counselling professional who has worked primarily in the service and educational sectors in the U.K. focusing on recruitment, talent management, communications, and brand development.

James Redfern (Director of Diligencia)

James Redfern

Director of Diligencia

James joined Diligencia in 2020 to support their sales activities and business development.

He has extensive experience providing data and legal entity research solutions to KYC, AML and regulatory compliance professionals in financial services. Prior to joining Diligencia, James was working for Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) with a specific focus on marketing, business development and revenue growth.

Andrew Elia (Managing Director of Arishi)

Andrew Elia

Managing Director of Arishi

Andrew is a hard-wired technology expert who has helped hundreds of clients create seamless, trusted applications for the fintech, commercial and advertising sectors.

Understanding the power of agile development and secure, highly performant software, his company, Arishi delivers solutions that are practical, imaginative and robust, with the flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory conditions.

Combining enthusiasm, experience and humour, Andrew is an inspiring speaker on technology. He has written for magazines and spoken at conferences, on how startups should use technology, mobile payments and the sometimes awkward union between technology and business.

Andrew has delivered ground-breaking technology across a variety of areas within financial services and artificial intelligence that others couldn’t, wouldn’t (or just plain didn’t) develop, often years ahead of the competition.

Arishi has become highly regarded in industries across the globe, where split second improvements in performance, usability and visual appeal are becoming increasingly important – government, health, finance, fintech, advertising, and international business, to name a few. Arishi has delivered exceptionally performant digital projects for major clients in the Middle East and has now established an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

When he’s not immersed in the virtual world, or pursuing his passion for retro computers, Andrew enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, who all enjoy exploring the GCC region.

Aswar Ubah Kadiè (Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Aswar Sports Agency)

Aswar Ubah Kadiè

Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Aswar Sports Agency

Aswar Kadiè is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aswar Sports Agency. Aswar is also a FIFA Football Agent.

Jaime Ingram (Co-Founder / Architect / BIM Lead of

Jaime Ingram

Co-Founder / Architect / BIM Lead of

Jaime is the co-founder and BIM lead of, an OpenBIM Consultancy focusing on the delivery of the built environment at all scales via the digital twin technology. Jaime is just back from the Giga Projects Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he was invited to present the work he did on one of the Giga Projects, Misk City Phase 1 as BIM Consultant for the modelling, data management, information production, federation and coordination of all public spaces.

Amanda Nelson (Senior Legal Counsel, Head of Private Wealth London at HCR Law LLP.)

Amanda Nelson

Senior Legal Counsel, Head of Private Wealth London at HCR Law LLP.

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience advising clients in succession, wealth and tax planning, with a particular specialism in international matters. This includes expertise in inheritance and capital gains tax; domicile and residence/remittance planning; family business governance, structuring and succession. Amanda also advises on complex advisory matters, particularly where there are international assets or domicile.

Amanda has vast experience in managing the intricacies of international matters where there may be numerous jurisdictional considerations, working with foreign lawyers and tax advisers and coordinating cohesive advice and guidance for the client.

John Karim (Private Wealth Solicitor at HCR Law LLP)

John Karim

Private Wealth Solicitor at HCR Law LLP

John advises his clients on their estates, where he has found a niche unwinding complicated situations often involving a contentious or international element. John also advises clients on how they can be tax efficient.
John’s work is often cross border and sees him collaborate with legal and tax professionals and as such, he regularly works with Arab speaking clients who require advice concerning the management of their wealth in England and abroad.